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When we conceived the idea for Inkling Asia, we were clear on what we wanted to do. Companies around us were convinced about the power of content marketing but were struggling to find writers who could create well-researched and measurable content, and not much has changed since then. Inkling Asia aims to fill this gap. Considering how hard it is to create great content today, we’re inclined to refer to ourselves as alchemists. A bit much? Well, you’ll agree when you see our work!

Here is what differentiates us from others:

Our content has a clearly defined objective

We could be writing to create brand awareness, showcasing thought leadership, or increasing product referrals. We work with our clients to ensure that content doesn’t exist in isolation but is tied to their business objectives.

Our content is measurable

We encourage our clients and work with them to use tools to track the success of a content piece. Traffic, virality, customer awareness – these metrics help us to constantly shape the content we write. In a nutshell, we help make data cool again!

Our content is audience-specific

We understand our readers and write for them. And during this process, help our clients draw out personas and amplify content across the right channels. We believe that even great content doesn’t have much value, if it is not reaching out to the right people.

We are also clear about what we don’t want to do. We don’t want to be a content agency that takes on any assignment, churning out meaningless copy after meaningless copy. In a nutshell, we don’t want to play the volume game. Even that term gives us the shudders! So we set out to create something niche, making a commitment to only work with brands that understand the value of great content. We’ve been fortunate to work with the best in business across B2B and B2C segments – Skyscanner, HomeAway, Luxury Escapes, BankBazaar and Intuit  – to name a few. Commitment and creativity are what we bring to the table. So let’s talk?

Inkling was also identified as one of the top 20 women-led ventures in Singapore by Zee TV APAC’s She ventures.


Sushmita Mohapatra

Sushmita Mohapatra

Founder and CEO


Rohan Pasricha

Rohan Pasricha

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer


Savitha V

Savitha V

Executive Editor, Books and Travel


Neeti Thakker

Neeti Thakker

Managing Editor, Finance and Travel


Anand Mohan

Anand Mohan

Senior Editor, Automotive and Technology


Archana Mohan

Archana Mohan

Senior Editor, Finance, Education and Lifestyle


Urvashi Jha

Urvashi Jha

Senior Editor, Personal Finance and Retail


Atipriya Nayar

Atipriya Nayar

Senior Editor, Lifestyle and Career


Our clients & collective experience


Inkling Asia’s first publication is ‘Dear Ms Expat: Inspiring Tales From Women Who Built New Lives in a New Land’

This collection contains ten real-life stories from women who have made tropical Singapore their home — each leaving their comfort zones in search of adventure, following a partner or in pursuit of a bright new career for themselves.

Singapore with its many opportunities has attracted a large expat population. Some test it out and move on while others sink their roots and immerse themselves in the vibrant mix of local culture. The women in this volume are as diverse as their backgrounds, with childhoods spent either on rolling Australian farms, amidst Swiss mountains, or in small-town America, and each has reinvented to become entrepreneurs, photographers, advocates, writers and leaders.

Transplanted to a new environment, they worked hard to better themselves for personal fulfilment, for their families, for the community, or for womankind at large. This book seeks to inspire and motivate by highlighting the sheer grit, spirit and determination of all the women featured.

In a world where Google reigns supreme and people self-diagnose medical problems everyday, it’s important for doctors to step up to this challenge and address all patient queries (patiently!) during their time at the clinic, while directing them to the right sources of information online. This book sheds light on the effective strategies to build trust and open communication channels between doctors and their patients. This highly engaging book is written by Dr Aniruddha Malpani, an eminent IVF specialist practicing in Mumbai and edited by Rohan Pasricha, Inkling Asia’s Co-founder.

Speaking Opportunities, Workshops and Columns

The Inkling Asia team participates and speaks across Content Marketing Events in Asia and India. Few of the conferences, our CEO has been at include:

Google APAC CMO Academy

Topic: Using micro-moments to create a content strategy

Digital Publishing Innovation Summit

Topic: Getting better at being local

We also write for leading publications across Asia. Some of them are as follows:

Job openings

We’re always looking for talented folks to join our close-knit team of writers and editors. If the benefit of working from wherever you want appeals to you, then get in touch. We’re quick to respond. The process involves a written test and 2 telephonic interviews.

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